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Sephi Bergerson

Locations: India and Beyond India
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A photojournalist’s point of view

Like all good young ‘professional’ photographers, I was raised to mock wedding photography and all that it represented and never even thought that I would do it. “Wedding photographer” always seemed to be a bit uncool, to put it lightly. No one thinks twice if you say that you’re a commercial photographer, or a photographer who shoots nudes, or a photojournalist. Friends will be somewhat interested on the commercial front; be really excited about the nudes; and ask you again and again on your latest assignment as a field photographer. In fact, for years when I went to parties I used to always hear that I had the coolest job. Wedding photographers, needless to say, have never inspired such levels of envy. Never the less, in the past few years, a whole new breed of wedding photographers has emerged determined to give the reputation of this line of work a serious makeover.

For me weddings are like a documentary project with a twist; it is always happy and the happiness of the people rubs on :-) it is nice from time to time to get a break from the harsh side of life in India and the reality of weddings, or escape from the reality would be more accurate, is fun.


I also shoot food, recipe books (Italian Khana/Random House was the last), portraits for various magazines, commercial work for advertising agencies and a lot of documentary work.




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