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Wedding Trends For 2009
Wedding Trends For 2009

In order to ensure that your wedding celebration is a memorable occasion and gives you an up-to-date and fresh feeling you should consider including some of the wedding trends that are in vogue.

However, with so many engagements lasting for over a year, trying to guess what the wedding trend is going to be can be a very tricky affair. You could take a few tips for the coming year from this article on wedding trends of 2009.

Our research and contacts with the wedding planners seems to show that the coming year seems to have a lot of green weddings lined up. This was a wedding trend in the past year and is expected to grow even stronger in the coming year.

A green wedding is an environment friendly wedding and a lot of couples are realizing that it is time they did something to cater to this strong need of the planet. Your wedding day is your big day and this is when you start taking responsible decisions about your life so why not about your planet?

You could consider using organic flowers for decorations and the bouquet. Use recycled paper for your invitations and organic food for the reception. It may be a good idea to use biodegradable plates, spoons, and forks as well. Even a small beginning is worth a lot for the future of the planet.

Learning from the past two years we have noticed brides choosing soft green and white combinations and some chose Lilac with purple tones. Some were even pretty pleased with Black and white and even Chocolate Brown. A few wedding planners believe that these wedding colors are going to be carried into the next year as well. There is some expectation that brighter and fresher colors are going to also be introduced during the next year’s wedding trends.

The coming trends of the coming 2009 promise to be more exotic. The color themes are going to be almost luminous say some of the renowned wedding planners who add that any bride who is looking out for an occasion to show off her stuff in a stylish way will definitely need to include a great splash of color if she wishes to keep up with the fashion trend.

The trumpet skirt is also going to be much in demand. This skirt skims smartly over the body and flares out from the knees down. This skirt shows off your waist as well as your best curves and the demand is going to rise in the coming year.

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