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We’ve promised to be your guide for anything Destination wedding related and so we won’t disappoint! In our latest article, we focus on some of the newest, most innovative and captivating wedding trends pronounced by famous wedding planners and the ‘IT’ crowd who know just how to piece together flamboyant and fascinating elements to present the wedding of the century!

 A little bit of mix-and-match, a little more pizazz and a whole lot of ingenuity (it also helps to have loosened purse strings, but even on a modest budget, with lots of creativity, you can hope to emulate celebrity styles for incorporating the best of this year’s wedding trends into your personalized celebration) is needed to ensure your wedding figures among the freshest, most fun-filled and up-to-date events friends and family have ever been to!

Everybody who is keenly attuned to the challenges of our present times knows and thinks green (not just saving some green, which is also kind of nice as you get to direct those savings towards your honeymoon or even a new home perhaps), but Green Weddings are definitely in! Couples who care about the planet are increasingly thinking of ethical and informed ways to decorate, request gifts, and recycle waste and leftovers besides ordering organic foods when hiring the catering service. Those couples considering themselves true environmentalists are advised to use organic flowers (for venue decor and bouquet), recycled paper for wedding invites and shop locally for the organic foods besides buying biodegradable plates and cutlery for their wedding!

Another hot new wedding trend includes hosting Outdoor or Nature-Centred Weddings! This includes making the best of a natural environment, sometimes a public park and at other times, the family home’s lawns (if you have a suburban mansion, nothing like it; or else, you can always persuade a generous cousin for permitting their country house to be used for your wedding). From floral themes to seasonal ones, favourite fantasies to dream date settings, there’s a lot that can be covered with this idea.

  Wedding Dresses Focusing On The Waist: are set to be all the rage this new season! Brides, not just in America but other parts of Europe and even in South Asia, are looking at embracing their waistline in narrow, more fitted terms. Tucked in waistlines, embellishments like sequins, ribbons and ornate belts besides beadwork and elegant silken cords etc. are increasingly being used by wedding dress designers to give the new-age bride an old-world charm by helping them achieve the ideal hand-span-waisted look. So, in with obi belt and contrasting colour sashes for the wedding dress!!

Personalized Wedding Invites: applying a vintage print or style to the modern wedding invitation is a new trend that has picked up momentum in 2008, such as gothic style calligraphy applied to parchment/silk-paper wedding invitations. Many couples getting married this year chose to get their wedding invites printed in the letterpress style. Still others incorporated a fun element e.g. hints for a bridal treasure hunt or figure-out-the-venue game with clues for getting to the target given in the wedding invite. For theme weddings, smaller, cutesy tags for letting the guests know about dress codes, and other pre-wedding events, were also seen being included in the wedding invite. Those keen on trimming the wedding budget were seen making their own wedding invitations using an easily available home screen-printing kits like Print Gocco and Fevicryl colours!


    * Metallic Colours & Lots Of Bling: Lots of weddings this year moved away from the conventional banquet hall to friendly, more casual settings like ranches, beaches, even mock-casino and retro party ambience created by professional wedding planners for couples that wanted more than the regular stuff! So, there was more emphasis on a kitschy, bright and younger look at wedding venues, décor, bride and groom wardrobes to fun wedding favours that reflected this change in mood. Silver and gold were colours used extensively for Arabian, Disco, Morrocan and Indian themed weddings besides wedding seating decorations, flowers highlighted by these colours and lots of little knick-knacks like bridal hair accessories, shoes, even dining table centrepieces done up with funky shades of gold and silver besides other trinkets.


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Not many celebrities can have the kind of elaborate wedding preparations that Ryan and Trista had for their wedding, which is being described as the wedding of the century. It is believed that the theme wedding cost a whopping 4 million dollars.


Posted on Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:08:00 CST