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Planning a Destination Wedding
Unlike a traditional wedding planning, a destination wedding requires a different approach. This is primarily because the wedding will be held at a far-off location, so you have to be prepared for the conditions that apply in your chosen wedding destination and therefore plan accordingly, for not just yourself and your spouse, but also your wedding party and guests. How do you start planning for a destination wedding?  Let’s take a look at the different steps involved in planning a destination wedding:


Step 1: Choose the Location.  What kind of a place do you want to hold the wedding? Do you want it to be close to your hometown or in a far-off location? Would you prefer a sunny weather or do you not mind a cold-weather place. Would you like it to be held close to the beach? Other aspects of wedding planning are based on your location, so choose well.


Step 2: Check out special destination wedding packages offered by hotels and resorts at your wedding destination. Investigate the local in country wedding planners; see if they offer any great options or packages. Choose one based on your personal taste and budget requirements.

Step 3: Check out the wedding legalities. Find out what formalities you need to follow for a wedding license at a particular destination from the hotel or resort where you will be holding the wedding. Your wedding planner will know or ask if the hotel have someone who can help you with such. Ask what you need to bring from home as far as paperwork goes early so to be sure to have it.


Step 4: Look into the actual wedding arrangements. Now, this is the interesting part because you get to decide on a lot of things here. Let’s take a look at what you have to find out here:

 §         Find out how many people the hotel or resort can accommodate for your wedding.

Decide if you want your wedding to be held only in outdoors area or only in an indoors setting or would you like a mixture of both.  After you have thought about this, ask the hotel if they will cater to your requirements for an outdoors, indoors or a combination setting.


 §         Check on what type of decorations will be provided for your big day.

Find out if the hotel can give you a picture about how the wedding arena looks like and some picture of previous weddings that have been held here.



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