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The Ultimate Theme Wedding Is A Destination Wedding
The Ultimate Theme Wedding Is A Destination Wedding

Everybody knows that destination weddings are a hot topic of discussion today. But, have you ever stopped to figure out just why such a lot of talk (and travel) is being generated around the destination wedding?

If yes, you’re lucky to have found just the right place to satiate your curiosity about destination weddings for we aim to be the ultimate authority on everything related to destination wedding themes, planning, budgeting, tips and news from around the world! And, we are also focusing on the best aspects of destination weddings right here in this article today, so keep reading our alert on what makes it the ultimate theme wedding to pick one for yourself – or a loved one!

Not only do destination weddings arranged by professional wedding planners help to cut back on many of the niggling details surrounding planning and hosting this very special celebration, but they are also a great way to see a new place, have a fairytale element to the auspicious occasion and also curtail the expenditure!

Now, the saving money bit got you thinking, didn’t it? Don’t be shy about admitting to this very practical aspect of organizing a great wedding in a new location, because, let’s face it – in these trying times of recession being faced in many parts of the developed world even, it is not only sensible to consider limiting expenses on celebrations of personal events that can be enjoyed just as much with a little thoughtful planning, but also make it a private affair that makes it all the more romantic to plan a destination wedding, which is what true weddings should always be filled with!

Instead of ringing in the occasion with a bunch of people you’d invite for formality’s sake back home, a destination wedding can offer you a variety of themes like beach, floral, tropical, retro, private island, adventure resort, casino/Las Vegas, garden or cruise ship wedding besides a host of other ideas that will stand out in your minds as well as your guests a truly memorable celebration of exchanging marriage vows, like aboard a house-boat, in a rustic retreat, perhaps even in a whole new cultural setting like the exotic Orient or the Caribbean!

A destination wedding with a theme underlining it can also serve as a honeymoon for you, since many wedding planners are now offering you a Weddingmoon = Wedding+Honeymoon package when you can reinvent the age-old tradition of eloping with your partner into a fun-filled, fantastical celebration of your wedding day followed by a honeymoon plan at the destination wedding venue or a famous local tourist interest place.

Thus, not only do destination weddings with a theme prove to be a great way to save money and efforts involved in hosting a wedding event back home, they give you a way out of planning details where you can possibly blend in the beauty of a new locale with local cultural traditions and have a unique ceremony that is meaningful as well as fun!

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Posted on Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:08:00 CST