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An Introduction To Outdoor Wedding Planning
While there are is no dearth of inspirational themes one can centre their outdoor wedding around, to lend this journey into wedded bliss an individualistic touch and unique charm, and make your garden wedding a truly one-of-a-kind affair to remember, it is prudent to go over the fundamentals of outdoor wedding planning.


We cover some basics here:-

Beginning with a unique outdoor wedding program: for a garden wedding during summer, you can have the program printed on a fan so it serves as a functional favour for the guests to cool themselves with.

Another welcome addition for outdoors weddings during summertime is handy single-use sunscreen sachets besides shaded seating arrangements at frequent intervals if you cannot accommodate a full tent cover.


Outdoor locations for your wedding must make provisions for large electric fans (with a generator back-up) along with bug-zapper machines to keep guests comfy. For outdoor weddings during the winter months, consider adding a thoughtful paper slip with the wedding invite advising guests to dress in layers and perhaps, you could provide lap blankets besides renting portable heaters to keep the damp and cold at bay.

For outdoor weddings planned during monsoons or in a tropical climate (especially worthy of checking if you are planning a destination wedding, which is quite a rage these days), do include a weather forecast service that allows you to have a backup plan at another, covered wedding ceremony location that will be pre-prepped, if the rains play spoil-sport. Perhaps, the resort has an indoor banquet hall it could quickly do up for you in such cases; check with the management for such deals.



Advise your wedding guests about the appropriate dress for your outdoor wedding, according to the location and especially if you have a theme. E.g. light fabrics like chiffons and china silks don’t hold up too well in the sun and under windy condition like a beach wedding, which further outlines the outfits against the body and can well cause embarrassment due to the see-through nature of these fabrics when in the sun.

For pulling off a successful outdoor wedding, keep in mind any location sounds that may interfere with either the music played at the wedding or even anything that distracts from allowing your wedding program to go on e.g. noisy neighbourhood kids near the park you rented for the ceremony or the roar of ocean waves at the fancy resort you hired. Perhaps you could arrange for a high quality sound system to cover these up and get clip mikes for the wedding officiant, MC/DJ and the couple so the vows and other announcements are clearly audible.

If you choose the outdoor wedding venue wisely (say, a place known for its abundant natural beauty e.g. botanical gardens, tropical island, mountain view chalet etc.) you can reduce your budget for decorations by simply accommodating the highlights of the area into the theme, be they local flowers, fruit, ferns or liquor served in traditional glassware. Integrating the outdoor elements into your garden wedding ceremony is a breeze when you consider the elegance of having an archway, trellis or even a string of fairy-lights (Chinese lanterns hung from trees and floating tea-lights in shallow bowls as centrepieces are good bets too) over the site where the bride & groom exchange vows in the backdrop of these.

For summer weddings outdoors or those held in sultry climates, do remember to arrange for adequate non-alcoholic drinks since alcohol is dehydrating: you can choose from different varieties of iced teas, lemonades and fruit punches besides ice and water.

Last, but not the least, a very important part of planning your outdoor wedding ceremony is to obtain the permit for hosting your celebrations if you’ve chosen a public park or similar venue, which requires the city parks department or local government’s permission for things like removing trash, lighting torches or candles or even pre-wedding photography.

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