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A Dozen Tips For A Great Out Doors Wedding (part2))
For a summer outdoor wedding, you have no dearth of wedding flower choices since there are many seasonal blooms to choose from, aquatic theme weddings and affordable budget schemes since the warm weather calls for light cocktails and drinks, appetizers and snacks more than a formal sit-down meal apart from the choice of having it outdoors doing away with booking a reception hall or banquet venue that adds to the overall cost of a wedding.



  1. Choose the scenery right for your outdoor wedding, according to the kind of visuals you’d prefer to associate with your most memorable day: right from planning the photography (including video and stills) to general wedding memories, you need to focus on this integral part of setting the mood for your outdoor wedding. E.g. countryside feel or beach-lovers party, you decide with your partner; pick a natural (or artificial, if the lawns you hire can accommodate this) waterfall if you like tranquil settings or go retro with a sixties or seventies theme!


  1. Pick the dates for your outdoor wedding wisely and check with local weather reports online as well as sign up updates (you can get these on your mobile these days) especially if you are planning a destination wedding outdoors where you may not be aware of the local climate.


  1. Pre-decide the level of formality you’d like for your outdoor wedding – relaxed atmosphere preferred to extravagant elegance? Then opt for a beach or rustic outdoor wedding theme and buffet meals where it’s all about self-help; if you like being on ceremony, you can hire wedding support specialists to perform these functions from ushering to catering and valet services for you.


  1. For fun-filled and one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding favours, you can choose from tea-sachets, miniature garden accents, and decorative pins with a theme element or natural pot-pourri even!


  1. Lastly, do not forget to pick a wedding cake that can survive the temperature of your outdoor wedding e.g. a butter-cream icing will melt in the summers so opt for fondant icing if displaying the cake outside; mousse and ice-cream cakes will also not hold up in warm climates, so pick wisely


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