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Are Destination Weddings Cheaper?
One of the most popular kinds of weddings today is the destination wedding. You might ask, what makes destination weddings so appealing?


Well, the prospect of getting married in an exotic location is something that’s exciting and couples want this one-of-a-kind experience.  However, beyond the thrill in having your wedding day held at a far away destination, another important influencing factor that makes it so attractive ……is the cost.

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Spending on weddings is something that people don’t mind. This is their big day and they want to make the best it can be. However, wedding costs are rising and it makes sense to cut down on unnecessary wedding costs to save money for something else that you can enjoy as a couple.

In a traditional wedding, there are lots of overheads. You have to invite people like your, distant relatives, business colleagues and…….you know who. All these guests definitely raise your costs. In a destination wedding, you will not have to invite so many people, unless you really want them there because it is not required etiquette to invite so many to the destination wedding.

Destination weddings are definitely much cheaper than a traditional wedding.  Let’s look at some statistics. Marcy L. Blum who is a bridal consultant and also author of the book ‘Weddings for Dummies’ says that a destination wedding will cost much lesser than a meal and reception attended by 150-200 people at a luxury hotel in New York.  This is an interesting fact because now that the credit crunch is hitting everyone, having a destination wedding might be just what’s right for them at this point.

It is not just paying for the actual wedding you also have to pay for the reception. In a traditional wedding, this will cost you considerably, but in a destination wedding, this is going to cost you less. According to statistics, the reception costs for a destination wedding is 41% less than a reception held at a traditional wedding of the same size. This is a sizable savings for you.


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Finally, destination weddings are just right for today’s modern couples who want everything handled professionally, without them having to bother about each and every aspect of the wedding preparations, all the time. This is the kind of freedom offered by destination weddings. In case of couples who want to have a small, private wedding, with just a few people involved, a destination wedding is just ideal for them to. Not only will they spend less, they also enjoy more time with each other.

We all know that traditionally wedding expenses is something that most people didn’t worry about. After all, it’s a day for you and everyone you love to be happy and spending time with you. So, what does it matter if you spend more than expected? Today…. rising costs have made this picture a bit complicated, which is why wedding expenses must be thought of twice before taking it up. This is where destination weddings prove to be an innovative advantage. So, take advantage of a the opportunity to have a great time, enjoy a fabulous wedding location and a perfect wedding day amidst a scenic dream location like none other, yet gain the benefit of lower wedding expenses by experiencing a destination wedding for yourself.

Remember “Receptions at destination weddings cost, on average, 41% less than receptions for traditional weddings” and you get to start your honeymoon early.


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