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Hottest Hollywood Beach Weddings
Hollywood’s fascination for beaches has long been covered in its many movies that incorporate the protagonists meeting on a beach, discovering romance, sharing secrets, conducting torrid affairs and some even criminal activities besides acts of daredevilry and bravery on a seaside locale. But Hollywood’s attraction with a beach locale extends to organizing weddings there, too!



This is partly because not only do beach weddings provide the perfect escape for many Hollywood stars but some celebrity couples have even found a way to take the simplicity and casual ambience of a typical beach setting to upgraded, sophisticated and rather elitist levels with Islands providing more than a secluded venue for saying ‘I Do.’


The romantically inclined Hollywood luminaries tend go for originality factors that give them that special something – the ‘X’ factor they usually like to be associated with – and therefore celebrities from Hollywood are known to choose eclectic beach venues and celebration ideas for their own weddings. We bring you some of the highlights from Hollywood’s Hottest Beach Weddings: -


Many Hollywood celebrities have chosen The Caribbean over other beach wedding destinations simply because of its wide choice of customized, exclusive private island and resort-arranged intimate ceremonial offerings amid a romantic ambience, but others equally rich and famous have gone beyond this true-and-tried beach wedding destination to opt for off-beat places, to ensure the ‘something different’ element to their special day!


That’s precisely why Kenny Chesney & Renee Zellewegger chose a little known island in St. John for their surprise summer beach wedding ceremony held at the groom’s beach house and Tiger Woods opted for a hilltop wedding ceremony for his D-Day at St. James, in the Barbados when he wed Swedish supermodel, Erin! The latter couple held an autumnal exchanging of marriage vows under a Pagoda done up with 10,000 red and black roses! The couple apparently booked all 200 of the resort’s rooms for their guests, thereby ensuring their intimacy and privacy factors besides the romance of a beautifully decorated beach wedding venue that was truly unique, followed by a honeymoon aboard the groom’s yacht, on which they went sailing and diving throughout the Caribbean.


Yet another Hollywood couple, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel (the Broadway actress) opted for the sublimely romantic lure of a beach wedding in Monego Bay, in Jamaica as a celebration of their African-American and Jewish heritage, which was much appreciated by their guests and community alike. Their wedding highlights included a rose-petal carpeted pathway for the bride to walk to the groom on, a white strapless Badgley Mishka dress with ornate crystal beadwork on it, worn with a diaphanous veil by the bride in a ceremony wherein a heartfelt exchange of vows was witnessed by all present.


The last Hollywood couple we bring you today include the gorgeous Liv Tyler and her lucky man, Royston Langdon who picked a private villa situated on the island of Barbados for tying the knot; their beach wedding was the most romantic as it had no guests as such since they flew in unaccompanied to the venue but later chose to re-live the day with loved ones in true celebrity style when they hosted a wedding party at Pastis, New York's most favoured A-lister restaurant! Their wedding highlights included a Alexander McQueen edgy wedding dress concoction to match the groom’s rock and roll roots: thus, it consisted of an empire waist, was made in gold brocade and had sheer full length sleeves while Liv wore bright pink shoes to match her hubby’s tie!



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