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Second Weddings Can Be the Best Weddings

Often when you get married the second time, you might think…Oh my God!!! This is my second marriage. How will it turn out to be? However, if you plan the wedding right, you second wedding should be one that you cherish for your lifetime. You can come across a lot of opinions out there for you on what to do and what not to do for your second wedding. For example people may say….

For example people may say….You should not be wearing white or ….. Since you got married secretly the first time, it failed, how a big church wedding now? and so on. Too many opinions can get confusing.

 Here are some thought to consider that may help you carry out your second wedding smoothly:

 There is no rule that you have to wear white for your wedding when you get married the second time. Choose a designer wedding gown or a gown in a color which you would want to wear for your wedding. Since you will be doing many things differently this time round, start of with this aspect of your wedding.

 Next comes the part about the children. In a second marriage you would be most likely be including your children in the wedding. There are many ways in which they can be included, depending on their age. Small children can become flower girls or ring bearers. They can also be included as junior bridesmaids and groomsman. Older children read during the ceremony and make toasts during the reception. However, whatever be the role they are assigned make sure they are happy to take it and that they enjoy it.

 Including the children in the wedding vows – This is something that some couples are now doing. After the bride and the groom give their vows, they make vows for the children as in… I, (name), solemnly promise to love you and honor you as my own. Sometimes this is done while giving piece of jewelry to the child. Of course, some couples just make it simple and ask to officiant to bless all of them.

 Informing your ex-spouse – If you have children, you can announce your wedding to your ex-spouse by either sending them a letter in which you state that you are getting married and that you have asked the children to be a part of the wedding. You can also first inform your children and ask them to inform your ex-spouse. Finally you can call and let them know, just so that they don’t hear it from someone else.

 Although it is considered that second weddings should be conducted low key affairs, you can carry it out in an elegant way. There is no reason why you should not register for wedding gifts or carry out a bridal shower. However, since in a couple’s first wedding, people buy them gifts to help them to set up an household and since it is s considered that second wedding couple’s are already having their own households.

 Second wedding can be an extremely joyous occasion. You can include aspects of your relationship in many areas of the wedding, such as the dress color… (it could be something that groom love to see you in), the  food (it could be something that you both like) … vows ( you could write out your own wedding  vows and much more.  Get creative for your second wedding and make it a unique and special experience.


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