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What is a Destination Wedding?
Not too long ago most all Destination weddings were little more than polite way of saying eloping!

Well it has come a long way, and couples today go a lot longer way away, as well! As far as the tundra of the Arctic, to the jungles on the equator, to the Great Barrier Reef of down under and everywhere in between. You can find people experiencing destination weddings anywhere.

I guess there still are young couples that do elope, running away, against the wishes of their families for whatever reasons. But the majority of couples that now runaway to marry, do it with at least their families knowledge and blessings and often with their family present.
Today's destination wedding couples often have been together for years and they see no need to invite hundreds of people to a personal and intimate occasion in their life, which in their mind best is best for only those directly involved. Choosing not to "host an event" for distant family and little known past family friends and the uninvited but instead leave all that stress behind and share their wedding with really special people in their life, be it family and friends or just keep it to the two of themselves.

That is not to say you can not invite hundreds of guest to a destination wedding you certainly can. Lots do! I have personal organized a 300 guest destination wedding.

So what is a destination wedding?

It is by definition where the couples travel away from home to get married. It can be in today's Jet set world with couples from different countries of birth a place half way between the two different family's homes, so one family has to travel too far to the wedding. (I arrange lots of Australian - UK Couples as Thailand is a nice middle ground between both families' home) It also allows families to experience something new together. To bond together and yet not be in each "others pocket". We all know the saying," House guests are like fish" don't we!

A destination wedding is whatever the couple wants it to be.
Destination weddings can be, a transported church wedding just like back home, a tourist resort style beach wedding, a Thai Buddhist wedding, a underwater ceremony, 1000 guest event or even an Elvis tribute, the choices are as varied as the people getting married. Isn't that what it is all about the uniqueness of the couple and their love?

Written By Somchit Srimoon


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